My courses will enable you to apply Chinese medicine using aromatherapy to activate acupuncture points along with other botanical healing modalities to correct health ailments, balance emotions, eliminate pain, and/or promote wellness. This is practical knowledge gained through decades of clinical experience. I offer three training tracts:

Licensed Massage Therapist CEU Courses

You should enroll if you want to:
-Increase Career Longevity
-Evolve as a Healer
-Develop Passive Income Streams

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Village Healer Courses

You should enroll in these courses if you:
-Want to care for friends and family using natural medicine
-Are an herbalist
-Already use essential oils for wellness

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Aromatherapy Acupuncture Course for Licensed Acupuncturists-Coming Soon!

In-Person Classes

If you live in the Southeastern US, you may enjoy joining me for in-person classes linked here.

Become an Educator!

Many of my students use their knowledge gained through these courses to teach clients and patients about Aroma Acu-Therapy® for self-care. The classes offer an opportunity to market their services, make money, and mass educate their patient population. Become certified now!

Meet Your Instructor Dr. Browne


Here's what Dr. Browne's students said about her past classes:
I was somewhat intimidated by the Essential Oils class because I had no prior experience with them. However, (Dr. Browne) presented the material in a very interesting and light-hearted manner. I ended up really learning new information and enjoying the class. (She) is very knowledgeable and entertaining...
--Todd S. George, LAc.
(Dr. Browne) is a wealth of knowledge of both western and Chinese medicine. It is great to have a teacher that can distill all of this information and make it manageable, understandable, and useful for my practice.
--Hope Peek, L.Ac.
Dr. Browne is an inspiration! She is moving us slowly but surely to herbal independence. Her work with growing organic Chinese herbs is of immense importance. Her knowledge and experience of (botanicals) is invaluable.
--Andres Vergara, L.Ac.
How great to have such great...(education) in our area integrating organically grown medicinal herbs!
--Sarah Robinson, L.Ac.
(Dr. Browne) has immense experience that she is generously sharing...
--Michelle Vergara, Medical Qigong Practitioner
I really enjoyed (the class) and learned a lot.
--Kimbrell Kayfield, L.Ac.